19 november 2010

The Bird House Exhibition

Can you hear all the birds in the tree singing? What an amazing sound, coming from Finland up north, via Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the UK, before going all around the
world to USA and finishing in the very South of Africa. And look what a beautiful tree we built together, full of nice and cozy Bird Houses for all the birds.

Thank you all for participating in our Exhibition, making this a great fun. I feel grateful that you want to do this with me, because without you bringing all the pieces to the artwork, there would be no Exhibition. So let us have a look at all the birds and their houses shall we?!

by Annabel age 5, Mermaidscreations

Mimi-bird lives in this bird house. Mimi is a father bird and it likes to wear woolly hats. It eats bees and mashed potatoes. Mimi sings "damba dap" and sneezes occasionally.

by Katarina age 20 monts with the help of her mother, paperiliitin.blogspot.com

"Name: ”Tähti” (= Star) Singing voice: ”pii pii pi pi pii”. Diet: potatos, soya balls, carrots, meat and seeds. Tähti likes to decorate her house inside with soft cosy cotton (pumpulinen). She likes stars, gold, glitter and of course favourite colour is pink. "

by Maippu age 4, siksaksis.blogspot.com

These birds loves all colors of the Rainbow. The birds are sitting on the stick. They are singing beautiful melodies, pleasing to the ear.

By Kuba age 4, bubaseski.blox.pl

These birds loves all colors of the Rainbow. The birds are sitting on the stick. They are singing beautiful melodies, pleasing to the ear.

Julia age 5, bubaseski.blox.pl

These birds loves all colors of the Rainbow. The birds are sitting on the stick. They are singing beautiful melodies, pleasing to the ear.

by Franco age 2 with a little help of his mother, bubaseski.blox.pl

The tiny birds.
by S age 8, hurlum.blogspot.com

The tiny birds.
by N age 9, hurlum.blogspot.com

We made it on the architectural workshops with children (age 5-6) in Culture Center Inspiro in Podłęże. In this month we talk about animal's houses. It was, after spiders and snails, one of the animal's house we built.

pracowniak.wordpress.com, and more pictures

A real bird is going to live in it and if the baby bird wants to go out the mummy bird can open up the door. The door is to make sure the little birds don't run away.

by Nola age 4 on Monday , www.curlybirds.typepad.com

Lets put it outside and see what kind of bird it is in the house.

by Kira 4 on Monday , www.curlybirds.typepad.com

This is a house of two wooden birds sister and brother. Their names are Alicia and Antony and although they live in Poland they wanted to have a house like from Astrid Lingren's books. The pom pom owl came to visit them as she wants to have such a house too.

by Alicja age 4, bawimy-sie.blogspot.com

The bird is a dangerous vulture. Diet: little birds. In the bird house the bird has a tv (which shows only Star Wars), a shower, a sofa and a hallway with boots.
by Rilli age 4, shys.wordpress.com

Just the bird. The bird has tree roundheaded fellows as roommates.

by Vei age 2, shys.wordpress.com

In this house lives the Owl. He likes fruit. The Owl likes to fly around with his vings. He knocks on the door with his beak before he goes inside.

by Elin 2 years and 8 mounth

This bird is called Igor and is a KGB bird. He is so secret that his house has no entry. But he is a very nice KGB bird.

by Laurits age 3, Sophus age 5 and Maria age 32, lykkeliv-ma.blogspot.com

An Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus (hyacinth macaw in English common terms), which lives in the Amazon rain forest. This bird is the daddy, taking care of three baby birds.

by Gabriel age 4, thepracticalperfeccionista.wordpress.com

This is a Ugle Fugle Hus (Owl House) with a terrace and a fence. The owl is called Mobuz. The colibri can fly both ways.

by Olivia age 12, tanketallerken.blogspot.com

Garbage bird looking for a house

by Stine age 40 with help from Rosa age 9, tanketallerken.blogspot.com

An owl, which looks like it's mother, lives in this birdhouse.

by Neitokainen age 3 years 7months, tillim.vuodatus.net

This is Baby Bird, a bird so tiny he hasn't even learned how to fly yet. He is very good at bouncing though, and can easily bounce in and out of his house. He loves worms and pancakes.

by Jakob age 4, fridulina.blogspot.com

The birds were called "The Poms"

by Se7en (age 13,11, 9,7,6,3,2) , se7en.org.za

The birds name is Easter Bird Sparrow, spelled G-A-M-F. It lives in Africa and eats slimy crocodiles, killing them by spraying poison on them.

by A age 4,5, lilla a

21 kommentarer:

  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL!
    I can`t wait to show it to Annabel tomorrow morning! She will love it!
    All these lovely, lovely birds and houses.. it is such an artwork!

    And again- I absolutely love the way lilla a put everything together! Well done!

    1. I agree with a lot of what you're saying here but it could do with more detail. They stayed away in droves.

  2. Yea - I love seeing the whole neighborhood! The girls are going to be super-excited too!

  3. so sad we couldn't share it this time - and so great the result!!

  4. That is simply beautiful!!! I just love it!!! All of it... What a lot of clever and creative children we have in our world!!!

  5. Great job, we are glad that we took a part in the exhibition.
    All birds and their houses are beautiful.
    Congratulate for all the young artists.

  6. Tack för en fin utställning! :) Alltid lika skoj och spännande med utställningar! Väntar med spänning på nästa!

  7. Wow, so beautiful!
    We will join you at the next exhibition! :-)

  8. Aivan mahtavia! Upeita ideoita ja toteutuksia kaikilla! Mukavaa olla mukana näin hienossa näyttelyssä, kiitos.

    Tyttäreni oli myös kovin mielissään ja kiinnostuneena kaikista linnuista ja pesistä.

  9. Thank you, Tack, Kiitos, Tak, Dzięki! I am so happy that you enjoyed the exhibition!

  10. :))) Lilla you are genius! I like it a lot! Thanks for all of you it was a grast fun for us :)

  11. truly wonderful, sorry I missed out on the fun! Next time, do let me know about any "group exhibitions" my kids would love to participate too! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday, all the best!

  12. These are so amazing! I love that you do this!!!!!!

  13. I have just found your site!! These Incredible, Marvelous Birds and their homes and stories have made me laugh and Cry because they are so Amazing and Wonderful!!! OH thank-you so so much!!!! This is too ENCHANTING!!!!!

  14. I often do not comment on blogs but your blog has such a method and writing model that I have no choices but to remark here. Nice submit, keep it up.

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