01 september 2010

Kids Photo Exhibition - Opening

We recieved 22 entries from 23 children! They came from Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA. Brilliant pictures of family and everyday life, seen through the eyes of a child. It is fascinating to follow in their footsteps, and see what they see. Ordinary things get a new angel to it, and a new content. They document themselves and others without any reservation. I have chosen 2 photos out of the 3 submitted of each participant, trying to tell a story out of it.

Today it is so easy for kids to take pictures themselves, and the result is immediately in their hands. And it does not cost anything to see the pictures. They life in a world full of images, and they are allready starting to contribute with their own.
A big thank you to all the kids, for sharing your picture with us. I hope you will enjoy this exhibition, I know I do.

1. My mom 2. I took a picture of my littlebrother
by A 4,5 years, lilla a

Elias got to play with mom´s pocket camera. This is the first pictures he has ever taken:)
by Elias 11 months, Ramsamsaa

1. This is Mama and Sisie. I took this picture all by myself!!! 2. This is me. I took this picture all by myself with my very own camera.
by Fé 3 years, Schlitzohren

He loves to see the vegetables grow and snack in our vegetable garden.
by Floyd 6 years, Mus

1. The window stood open all the time in the summer heat. Long white curtains dancing in the wind. 2. Mom´s foot and Holger´s puzzle.
by Holger 2,5 years

1. Happy 2. That Hit the Spot!
by Joonatan 10 years

It was too difficult for her to take the pictures all by her self so I let her hold the camera and pressed the button myself while playing. Almost every picture showed her favourite doll in some way.
by Katarina 1,5 years, Paperiliitin

1. Nola is jumping in the picture. I love you picture. I love you Nola.
by Kira 3,5 years, the Curlybirds

1. Kira is looking at me. We are going to Wendell and Lucy´s pool. I love you Kira.
by Nola 3,5 years, the Curlybirds

1. Here is the bathroom. Here you pee and poop and wash your hands. 2. It is fun to take pictures in the mirror you know.
by Leon 3,5 years, med nål och tråd

1. Linus´yonger brother Nias with a pirate-mustache 2. Linus´favourite dinner. Pancakes.
by Linus Elias 4 years, kine-marie

They can´t get enough of the scan machine... 1. Lola-Elvis 2. Lola-Elvis and Roemer
by Lola-Elvis 4 years and Roemer 2 years, Mus

1. Ain´t doing nothin´- This spring we decided to redesign our garden. My husband did all the hard work while I was enjoing the sun. 2. Eco cow - We visited an oganic farm and Ludvig captured at least some of the cow.
by Ludvig 3 years, Ludvig og familie

1. You maybe think it is a fabulous waterfall. But really it is a leaf.. 2. Suspicious track!
by M 7 years, Home River

These are pictures taken by Martine when we were in Ireland. I think they are funny.
by Martine nearly 3 years, chou..

1. Mees with his 1 year old brother named Biek who wants to copy everything that Mees is doing. 2. A skyscraper built by Mees.
by Mees 4 years, Tolliez

1. Me upsidedown. 2. My dog Pepe that always hauls when an ambulance drives by with the sirenes on.
by Naia 5,5 years, Ia Nyckelpiga

1. The morning mama. 2. One of the silly faces, seen daily.
by Rilli 4 year, Lapset nukkuu

1. Self-portrait 2. Tickle-Me Elmo
by Tommy 3years, Suburban Belle

1. Bunny on the bookshelf. 2. Laundry hanging.
by V 4 years, Lista asioista

1. It is this time of the year. Applepie, applesauce and juice. 2. Dear and beloved granddad on his birthday.
by Veina 2 years, Lapset nukkuu

1. I think the ball looks cool. 2. Scary picture of the toaster.
by Vilho 4 years

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  1. Incredible, those little ones!

  2. Thank YOU! For making this an great exhibition. I can not believe we got so many entries. I am so happy.

  3. Wow vad häftigt!!! Vad mánga artister det finns därute. En del foton är helt fantastiskt bra!!

  4. These pictures make me happy - children are so uninhibited.

  5. Vad härligt det blev. Rolig uppgift och minst lika roligt att se resultatet. Både för mig och min son.

  6. awesome, such a great idea, thank you!

  7. Näistä ammentaisi "oikeat" taiteilijat ihan valtavasti, ja useimmat tavoittelevat jotain tällaista oman taiteensa kautta :) kyllä lapset ovat aidosti luovia <3