31 oktober 2011

The Robot Exhibition

Welcome to our Robot Exhibition! Sorry about the delay, but now it is up.

Can you belive how many wonderful Robots we got gathered here, pretty amazing. We got Robots that can climb walls, dance ballet, read storie, cook, play music, but not the ukulele. Or what about work in childrens hospitals, play drums in a band when the drummer wants to be with his kids, and one can even do everything.

I just love the little stories that comes along with the creations, so much imagination these kids have, I must admit I get a little bit envious of that.
Thank you all for participating, from Australia, South Africa, USA, Spain, France, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK and Croatia without you, no exhibition!

So let me present the Robots for you:

1. Our robot name is R1 and he is one to check new planets. He can fly, too.

made by Jaś (3,5), Antoni (6,5) and Mom, wkrainiewesolychlobuzow.blogspot.com

2. Robot Brummi-Brum,.

He can make music and see in the dark with his antennas.

He also can fly to his planet, where his parents and his little brother live.

by Annika, 9 years, elbmari-elbmari.blogspot.com/

1. Hood #7: (age 3) Princess-Bot, www.se7en.org.za

2. Hood #1: (age 14) - SAM - Bot (The Search and Maintenance - Bot), www.se7en.org.za

1. Hood #4: (age 8) The Litter-Bot
, www.se7en.org.za

2. Hood #2: (age 12) The Race-Bot, www.se7en.org.za

1. Hood #3: (age 10) The Card-Bot, www.se7en.org.za

2. Hood #6: (age 5): The Pretty Face-Bot, www.se7en.org.za

1. Hood #8: (age 2) The I-Bot, www.se7en.org.za

2. Hood #5: (age 7): The Chef-Bot, www.se7en.org.za

1." My robot is called Rose. She loves playing with her best friend Flower. When she talks she always talks in a funny way. Rose loves eating carrots and peas and potatoes and tiny little bit of bad food but she is good of eating good food. Shie is good of cleaning. Rose moves like a normal robot. Rose is good at tidying. She always goes to sleep in her very own bedroom. Rose makes parties on herself and she is invited some boys and some girls. My robot can hide treasure in her head. And her mouth can open and close. And that makes her special"

by Annabel, 6 years old, mermaidscreations.wordpress.com/

2. PUMPUM Mission: To play drums when Maippu's father wants to be with his children instead of gig. Robot's only eye turns read when he wants to warn others about something.

by Maippu 5 years, siksaksis.blogspot.com/

1. Called Amanja, it cooks and makes knäckebröd sandwiches
by A 5 years, lilla a

2. This one does the dishes, and it says "clicks" when you press the buttons.
by L 2 years, lilla a

1. The Grumpy Box Bot
He's a simple robot, with only 3 buttons, stiff legs and rotating arms. He makes us giggle with his funny expression, despite the fact that he's obviously pretty grumpy about something.

by myself (Di, aged 40) and my 4 year old son, clementineshoes.blogspot.com

2. Robot's Name: Jude

Our robot begin at the recycling bin, made from boxes, bottle caps and plastic containers. Jude designed her robot making sure to include eyes, buttons, special robot feet and beautiful hair

by Jude age 3, childhoodlist.blogspot.com/

1. The big one is called Robotito and 2. the small one Bebebot.

They can cuddle for hours, play hide-and-seek all day, and fly to the moon! They can play the xylophone, the piano and the tambourine, but not the ukulele :)
Sophie (age 2), momartscience.blogspot.com

1. "Little Vincent" is a bright minded robot who can build houses, repair cars and grab coconuts from palms. All this with a body made of cardboard, yoghurtcups, bottlecaps and cork.
by Vincent (5 years old),

2. The Robots name is Basse, but even if it's a boys name, this robot is a girl.

This robot can talk, it is great at storytelling, and cry and make funny faces, it can write on the computer. It can also dance. It is open, because she wanted to see if there was a baby in it's tummy.
by Kaya 3 years old

1. Her name is Rover and she can pour coffee with her hands and she can do karate. She can roll around. She's very nice.

by Lilybug 5 years, little school in the big woods

2. His name is Toasty and my son tucks him in with a blanket at night.

By Julian 3-year-old, musingsofthemonroefamily.blogspot.com

He is dangerous. He can shoot people. He can lift people up. He can catch people with his long tongue.
He speaks "rapti-language". by
A 3,5 år

When it for example shall cook it always mess up.
He speaks english. by
E 6,5

1. by Julia 4,5 years old

2. This is Robot - Girl. Her name is Heart and she is very cleaver.

Her job is to think, and that is the reason why she has only a head ;-)

by Lili, 4 years, rastemo.blogspot.com

1. Robots name: Maiken: It can wawe it's arms while it spits and is angry! By Maiken 4 years.

2. Robots name: Theodor, it has wings and can fly. By Theo 3.5 years

1.Maximo Junior
A colose friend of Maximo. His hobby is dancing and his dream is to have a cat.
Made by Hania (3),

2. Maximo

Very friendly creature. It works in a children hospital and makes
children laugh by showing funny stories on its little TV.
Made by Antek (5),

1. This Robot is called Kevin. It can change tires on cars, build playgrounds, cook, do wood work and blow hair. By Samuel 4 years old.

2. This Robot is called Bil (Car) and is made by Milos 3 years old.

1. This Robot is called Juliette and can make meatballs and pancakes. By Lenitha 4 years old.

2. The Robot's name is Ögon (Eyes). It can do everything. By Elliot, 4 years old.

1. This Robots name is Bogdan. It can carry, shoot and eat. By Lucas 3 years old.

2. Robot called Hugo. He can meand broken things, make garlands, make horses and draw houses. By Ella 4 years old.

1. This is the Robot Axel! It is a girl Robot that can suck in air and blow bubbles. She can catch birds with her tentacles too. By Ida 4 years old.

2. This Robot is called a boy and he can axotere... By Alexander 3 years old.

All 8 Robots above came from avdelningarna Musslan & Snäckan på Förskolan Fyren i Stenstorp/ Falköping (Kindergarten)

1. My robot is called ROTE, and its primary mission is to play lego and find quickly the pieces I need. by Hugo (6), pandielleando.blogspot.com

2. My robot is called MADA, and its primary mission is its primary mission is to plant trees.

by Darío (4), pandielleando.blogspot.com

1. Adriana Caremboite, by Flo 42 years, papier-ciseaux-cailloux.blogspot.com

2. Juper

Juper is a mummy robot who loves rainbow colours and has lots of baby robots. She has loads of electrical wires to make her work.
by Cakey (3,
5) and Ali (her mum), beingcreativewithkids.blogspot.com

1. Jean-Claude le Parisien, by Elia 9 years, papier-ciseaux-cailloux.blogspot.com

2. Paco Ray-Ban, by Jeff 39 years, papier-ciseaux-cailloux.blogspot.com

1. ‘Insect Robot’

The Insect Robot can climb up walls with his suction-cup feet.by Jai aged 9. www.alittlecreative.net.au

2. Our robot's name is Robocy
Used for collection of waste batteries and metal, unnecessary parts, which later carries in places where such things are recycled (Robocy is an ecologist)

by Tomek (2 years 11 months) and Mama Gosia, tominowo.blogspot.com

1. Robot name: ‘Dressy’

About robot: The Dressy Robot makes clothes and fabrics. She uses a sewing machine which is concealed in her abdomen. She can make anything you ask her! by Olivia aged 7, www.alittlecreative.net.au

2. Robot name: ‘Helli-cop’

About robot: This robot flies like a helicopter and monitors what is going on in the sky.

by Sam aged 7, www.alittlecreative.net.au

1. Robot name: ‘Mail Mutant’

About robot: This robot delivers mail by chucking it {throwing}. He has a bell on his head and carries a mailbag. He has controls for on, off, speed, and chuck. (Mini ‘pet’ robot also by his side!)

by Jake aged 8, www.alittlecreative.net.au

2. Robot name: ‘Rosie’

About robot: Rosie the robot does ballet, the part on top of her head helps her to balance.

by Eliza aged 7, www.alittlecreative.net.au

1. Biggerbox made by K, 2,5 years old. It's a playing robot, who's good at being next to the little robot (made by her little sister). Robot's favourite song is "Björnen sover (The bear is sleeping)" and it becomes very happy, when children eat their supper skillfully.
by K 2,5 years old, paperiliitin.blogspot.com

2. ”Katarina". The name was given by A's big sister K.

by A, 10 months, paperiliitin.blogspot.com

Thank you all!

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  1. Så mange fine roboter! Dumt vi ikke rakk å sende inn vårt bidrag. Men vi blir med neste gang! Gøy var det uansett :)

  2. Ni får vara med nästa gång istället! Du ser, jag hade sparat två platser till er längst ner på planchen ;)

  3. Tosi upea näyttely! Taitavia pieniä ja isoja taitelijoita! Ja mikä työ ollut koota koko homma! Kiitos paljon taas. Näitä pitää käydä vielä ihastelemassa monta kertaa!

  4. Kiitos Henni! Kiitos kun olitte mukana, ja hyvä että piditte näyttelystä. On kyllä aikamoinen homma koota, ja saada oikea teksti ja linkki joka kuvalle. Mutta kivaa vaan.

  5. What a beautiful exhibition!
    Thank you for putting it together!

    I especially like to see them all together on the first picture - they are all so colourful and adorable!

  6. Thank you heodeza, I am so happy you like it! I love to see them together too, this is what triggers me everytime when I put an exhibition together, to see the variation you get from the same theme!

  7. Thanks for all... Good fun and a fantastic discover ! In love !

  8. Thank you lilla a! The exhibition is WONDERFUL!

    (Can`t wait for the next one :))

  9. Love Love Love your collection!!! Just totally love it!!!

  10. Such a lovely exhibition! Can't wait to show K this (she's currently napping)!

  11. The party was great and the exhibition is beautiful, as usual!
    thank you very much:)

  12. What a wonderful exhibition! Thank you so much for putting it together. We are really happy we could participate, and we loved each and every one of these little robots :)

  13. These are wonderful! Sorry I didn't enter one!

  14. Flo: Thank you for participating, your robots were great;)
    Mermaid: Thank you for participating again and again! There will be more exhibitions soon, I am sure!
    Se7en: And I loved your -bots, how the name said it al! Thank you for amazing 8 creations.
    Riikka: Kiitos! Ibelieve she liked it?!
    Gosia: Thank you for participating and making the exhibition beautiful!
    Gaby: I am so happy everytime I see new faces entering! I love every robot too, so detailed and special every one of them.
    Melissa: Thank you, and I believe there will be more chances to join in soon again!

  15. Thanks so much for putting on the exhibition. We loved making our robot.

  16. Helmi: kiitos!
    Ali: Thank you for participating with your colourful robot!

  17. what a successful exhibition! all the robots are amazing! thanks Lilla for organizing this!

  18. Super... great and artistic works.I love it.Тhank you Lilla.

  19. yolanda: You are welcome! And thank you for participating!
    ivalex: Thank you!

  20. Super!
    Too late to join, but some pictures of our robots here.

  21. brilliant idea and lovely robots! thank you!

  22. Tolliez: Thanks for sharing, hope you join in next time!
    Anna: Tahnk you for your comment!

  23. Look awesome.. just need to fix circuit on it.. :)

  24. Keep up the fantastic piece of work, I read few articles on this web site and I believe that your blog is really interesting and has got lots of good information.

  25. Thanks for all... Good fun and a fantastic discover ! In love !

  26. Thanks for sharing, hope you join in next time!
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