02 juni 2010

The Shoebox House Exhibition

Welcome to our Shoebox house exibition. We got 6 wonderful houses sent to us, built by children with a little help from their parents. Thank you all for taking part and making this happen!
I am proud to take you on a tour around the house, starting downstairs:

by Annabel, 5 years:
I made a floor, a wall, a bed, a table, some flowers.

I cut out little pieces from the crepe paper and Annabel chose what colors she wanted to use for the ceiling, walls and the floor. Then she glued everything down. Annabel got LOADS of craft things for her birthday and she wanted to use them straight away. So she decorated the walls with different shapes.
We then made some flower pots out of beads, pipe cleaners, pom poms.. we glued everything into milk bottle lids. They are cute, aren`t they? We made a little table out of three matchboxes, covered it with yellow crepe paper. The chair is my creation.. I made it using lollipop sticks. And the bed is Annabel`s creation. She took a little box, covered it with crepe paper, glued little pillow there :D and decorated with sparkling glue. This glue hasn`t dried still. mermaidscreations

by Naia, 5 years:
Det är ett prinsess-rum med himmelsäng och silverbord. Pá taket finns "en vacker sak".
Naia, 5 ár, stár för val av färger, former, material.

This is a princess room, with a canopy bed and a silver table. On the roof there is a ”beautiful thing”. IA Nyckelpiga

by girl, 1 year:
1-vuotias tyttömme on innokas maalaamaan sormiväreillä. Koska askartelu ei vielä ihan suoraan suju, sai tyttö maalata kenkälaatikkotalonsa ja äiti sitten viimeisteli sen huonemuotoon. Kun kuva oli otettu sai tyttö talon leikkeihinsä ja näin loi oman näkemyksensä siitä, miltä talon tulisi näyttää. Ensimmäisenä kiinnosti mehupillit tuolissa. Illalla, jolloin viimeinen kuva on otettu, on talosta jo lähtenyt seinätapetti ja tilalle on tuotu äidin laukusta löytynyt kuitti. Päivän aikana talossa vieraili myös ainakin äidin avaimet, tytön oma lenkkari sekä koiralelu. Talo myös oli välillä katollaan, välillä takaseinällään ja välillä sen päälle koetettiin kiivetä.

Our 1 year old daughter is passionate about painting with fingerpaints. Because other crafts are still a bit too much of a challenge to her, I let her paint her house and then I made the furniture in order to make the shoe box look more like a house. When the first picture was taken I gave my daughter the house to play with. In doing so, she had a chance to remake the house to her own style. The first thing she did was to get rid of all the furniture and then remodel the chair. In the evening, when the last picture was taken even the wallpaper had been ripped of but there's a receipt put instead. During the day, the house was visited for example by my keys, her own sneaker and a little toy dog. She experimented also with the way the house should be built, sometimes it landed floor up, another time lying on its back wall and she even tried to climb to stand on it - perhaps she was testing its structural stability. Paperiliitin

by Nola and Kira, 3 years:
A house for the cats – Maximus and Dave.

The house features a bed made of burlap, embroidery silk and stuffed with cotton wool. Oil pastel portraits of Maximus and Dave were hung on the wall. The cats can enjoy playing with toys made of paper, twisties and play clay. The girls also made a very long couch, chairs, vase and feeding bowls. Curly Birds

by V, 4 years
Tämä on V:n ja L:n huone. Yläpeti on V:n. Oikealla on lelusäilö. V on pukenut ylleen jääkiekkovarusteet ja pelaa jääkiekkoa (keskellä). Seinillä on paljon kuvia. Äiti auttoi kerrossängyn kokoamisessa ja enkelin ripustamisessa. Äidin suosikki on ylösalaisin ripustettu Malevits.

This is V's & L's room. V gets to sleep in the top bunk. On the right you can see the toy repository. V has put on ice hockey outfit and is playing ice hockey (in the middle). There's many pictures on the wall. Mom helped putting together the bunk bed and hanging up the angel. The upside down Malevich is mom's favourite. Lista asioista

by A, 4 years:
Detta är råttornas hus. Det är en låtsas dörr, för man kan inte öppna den, sen finns det en dörrmatta och skolåda på väggen vid dörren. Två fönster och en gardin, en säng och en blå stol och ett bord med en skål purjosoppa. Brevid sängen en korg med skruvar. Med stegen kommer man upp på taket.

This is the rats house. The door is just pretend, as you can not open it, a doormat and a shoebox by the door. Two windows and a curtain, a bed and a blue chair and a table with a bowl of leek soup. Beside the bed a basket of screws. The ladder takes you up to the roof. lilla a

by Fé, 3 years
Fé wanted to build a house for her tiny doll's dog. I asked her if she wanted to build a dog house and she said "No, a real house. The dog can talk, and he sleeps in a real bed. And he has a couch." So we took old pieces of carboard and made a bed and a couch out of them... and glued old fabric scraps on them. Fé said the dog wanted a window to look out of, too. So we used a tiny frame I still had with my (never-used) scrap-booking supplies and glued a picture behind it. (The picture is a piece of an old Sköna Hem cover, haha... some design for mommy).Schlitzohren

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  1. Áh vad fina dom är allihopa!!!
    Vilken kul grej.

  2. Oh, lovely!
    I love the first picture, how you put everything together :)

  3. I agree - the first picture is fabulous! We really enjoyed making our room and the girls LOVED seeing the house all together.

  4. Det blev riktigt riktigt fint. Höghuset på första bilden är så bra, jag tittar på den om och om igen.

  5. Thanks everybody! For kind words and taking part. I love seeing them together too!

  6. thank you for including us although we were late! I lvoe everybody's shoe boxes! Haha, the hockey player is great!!!

  7. what a wonderful idea! i think it turned out beautifully!

  8. Isa: Of course you should be in aswell!
    Heli: I agree!
    the sleepy time gal: Thank you!

  9. Jag sprang på ett flickr-album med tips på hur du kan göra soffor mm till skolåde-dockhus. Det kanske passar bäst till större barn men jag vill tipsa dig om det ändå :)


  10. And what is the next project?

  11. Helt fantastiskt! Varför lägga massor med pengar på dyra dockhus & möbler när man kan göra egna? Man har roligt medan man tillverkar dem och jag tror faktiskt att de blir mer uppskattade och dessutom mer lekta med.