30 juni 2010

The Zoo Exhibition

Welcome to our Zoo Exhibition! We recieved so many amazing animals to our Zoo, made by children all ages. I am so happy you wanted to take part, a big thank you to everybody! Without your animals, we could not have created this fantastic Zoo. I hope you will enjoy your time visiting our Zoo, learning more about all these animals. Please enter here:

by A 4years, lilla-a-design.blogspot.com

by V 4 years, kaheli.blogspot.com

by A 4 years, lilla-a-design.blogspot.com

by Naia 5 years, ianyckelpiga.blogspot.com
by Rilli 4years, shys.wordpress.com

by M 7 years, homeriver.blogg.se

by Katarina 16 months, paperiliitin.blogspot.com

by Annabel 5 years, mermaidscreations.wordpress.com

by Kira and Nola 3 years, curlybirds.blogspot.com

by G 3 years

by M 6 years

by P and H 9 years, homeriver.blogg.se

18 kommentarer:

  1. Helt fantastiskt! Vilken fantasi.
    Älskade barn.


  2. Sá fint. Alla bidragen är underbara och du har sammanställt det sá fint. Vi gillar!!

  3. Oh.. so cute, cute, cute! Many good ideas! We need to make some more animals now.. for our zoo.
    And again- I love the way you have put everything together! Well done!

  4. Thank you all again! I totally agree, what an imagination these kids have! And it was such a joy to make the zoo for these fantastic creatures.

  5. great animals, great zoo. and i love the fact that many of these animals seem to like dancing!

  6. Vad roligt att du ordnade det här. Jätteroligt att se djuren och läsa om dem! Kartan var jättefin, jag tror att djuren trivs där :)

  7. Heli: I think the animals are reflecting the children and making them!

    fridulina: Tack!

    HomeRiver: Tack själv, för deltagandet!

  8. All the animals look very happy in their new home!

    We are looking forward to the next exhibition...

  9. I just LOVE this! It made me laugh. Wonderful, imaginative children. :)

    Unfortunately, we had to sit this one out, but like Helen, I'm looking forward to the next exhibition.

  10. I am happy you like the exhibition crafts. I promise I will arrange more of them! So see you next time!

  11. Oh ja, mera utställningar vill vi gärna vara med pá.
    Det är verkligen fint av dej allt jobb du lägger ner pá detta.
    Det är hur kul som helst!

  12. o. i love these exhibitions. next one?!
    found your blog via craftycrow, i think. love it!

  13. Such a pity that I discovered your blog too late for this exhibition. Otherwise Mees' cupcakesnake (http://www.tolliez.com/2009/10/cupcakesnake.html) could live in your Zoo too...
    Gonna take part of the next exhibition for sure!!!!

  14. Mare: Now the next one is up, a Photo Exhibition!
    Tolliez: I love Mees' snake! I hope you join us in the Photo Exhibition.

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