16 september 2010

Trähus till tågbanan

Vi sågade, slipade, målade och ritade, och hade så en stad till tågbanan! Träklossar, hobbylack och permanent tusch.

A city for the train set! Wooden blocks, craft paint and permanent marker.

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  1. A difficult question: What do you do with all the things the children create?! After nearly eight years we have a problem with it, first of all with the 3D-things ... when I didn't know where to put them any longer, I decided with my son to make photos of the artworks and then they can be thrown away ... but that's not always easy for him ... and me too! And now there is another one who wants to be creative :)

  2. Oh, sweet!
    We used to make cities out of legos or duplos for our little train...

  3. Great blog!
    Really wonderful ideas!
    I am impressed and inspired.
    Best regards, Melanie

  4. I love this idea! I have some small blocks and have been thinking of ways to embellish them. This might work!

  5. Jenny: Tack, och det bästa är att de är olika på båda sidor.
    Lingonsmak: It truly is a problem sometimes. I try to have a spot around the house in mind, when we start a project, and often try to make something useable. But yes, eventually some of it has to go, and there we really just throw it when it has done its time. Having this blog is a great way for us to save it for later.
    Christine: Thank you.
    Heodeza: That a great idea too! Lego is the best stuff.
    Melanie: Thank you for visiting! I hope to see you again.
    Holly: Good thing is, you can always reuse them for something else, just repaint them!

  6. and lilla a: it is so nice, that you always take time to answer! like your blog so much :)

  7. Thank you lingonsmak! I try to answer everybody, even if I do not know if anybody ever gets back to read it! Except you!

  8. Another truly wonderful project! Thank you so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! all the best!

  9. very cute and clever ! love it !

  10. What a clever idea and a great way to use and reuse blocks. Plus a fun way to allow kids to use thier creativity.