17 oktober 2010

Prinsessan Cilias äventyr

Princess Cilia is riding her horse. Suddenly she falls off and a bat came.
She finds herself in the enchanted forest, where she meets two Santa Clauses. They ask if she wants some gifts. Yes please, Cilia answers. Then she gets scared of the trold and runs.
Cilia jumps into the sailboat. She jumps into the ocean and swims with the crocodile and the fish. The crocodile eats her and she dies.
Now she goes up into space where something terrible happened, the strange ones came and then she flew and landed on the planet and rolled home.
Help, a ghost, cried Princess Cilia. The eyes looked up and Cilia ran away entirely and hid up in a tree. The End.Ut ifrån alla A´s fina rörliga collage, här, här, här och några till, berättade hon en historia, Prinsessan Cilias äventyr. Prinsessan Cilia gjorde vi som en rörlig pappersdocka, som kunde hoppa från scen till scen allt eftersom historien skred fram. Jag tog bilder på varje scen och skrev ner historien. Sen sammanställde jag det som en bok, som jag fick utskriven och en spiralrygg i hos en tryckfirma. A´s helt egen bok!

From A´s all pretty collages, here, here, here and some more, she told a story, The Adventures of Princess Cilia. Princess Cilia was made as a papercut doll, that could jump from scene to scene as the story moved on. I took pictures of every sceme and wrote down the story and put it together as a book. I got it printed and bound at a printing company. A´s first own book!

14 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, vilken härlig upplevelse att få ha en alldeles egen bok! Tack också för höstinspiration, jag har nämligen gjort en egen lövkrans...

  2. It's a brilliant and beautiful first book.

  3. i think i'm starting to repeat myself in the comments, but... the book is gorgeous!

  4. Her first book...
    You are the most creative Mother in the world, I think.
    And you and your daughter are a very good team.
    I am again very impressed (and will make the same thing soon ) ; )
    It is great!

  5. this is just sososo sweet!!

  6. Jojohanna: Så roligt att du inspirerats av vår krans!
    Anna: Tack!
    se7en: Thank you!
    Francesca: I do believe more will come, she is a story teller!
    Heli: Thanks, it is ok to repeat oneself, when it comes to kind comments!
    Melanie: Well, A is the maker, I only try to manage her creativity in a seriuos way. You have to make a book aswell, it is well worth it!
    Kristin: Thanks for your comment!

  7. En alldeles egen bok! ...och bara 4 år, vad ska det bli? Kanske nå´t i generna..! Jättemysigt

  8. Absolutely brilliant!
    Did you get the backgrounds printed and then added princess and stuff.. or .. I didn`t quite get it :)

  9. that is an absoluty fine idea!

    just back from stockholm - was so nice again to be there!

    hejhej :) katrin

  10. Uhuuu, wonderful princess! wonderful colors!

  11. Hobbykällaren: Hon är stolt över den!
    Mermaid: Sorry, I am not being clear, I can see that.. The princess was on the collages when I took the pictures. But having her as a loose figure that litteraly could walk through the book, that would be a great idea too! Thanks ;)
    Lingonsmak: Oh Stockholm in autumn, must be beautiful!
    Uila: Thanks!

  12. Very nice, i'm so proud of your little author! This would be a great gift for the grandparents too! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, I look forward to seeing what you've been up to!