30 december 2010

New Years Challenge!

Are you up for a New Years Challenge?! This is for everybody, not only children!
Here is how to:
Drink some Champagne, or have someone else to drink it, and keep the metal cap and the wire.
Make a Champagne Cork Wire Chair. See instructions here. You are allowed to use the cork part too.
Take a picture of your Chair, the picture should be without any text.
Send your picture to lilla.a.design(at)gmail.com, (replace (at) with @). Add your name and blogadress (if you have one) in the mail. Deadline is 10th of January.
I will then arrange a woting for the best chair!
Happy New Year to all of You!

16 kommentarer:

  1. Yeepee!
    Great idea!
    We will try our best to make a nice chair!

  2. Så god idè!
    Fin og inspirerende siden du har. Oppdaget deg nå jeg! Gleder meg til å følge deg og dine ideer videre...
    May Helen

  3. And I thought to have wine for the New Year`s Eve..

  4. Kul! jag ska samla många korkar :-) har följt din blogg flitigt under de sista månaderna och det blir bara bättre! Tack! Och gott nytt kreativt år!

  5. Soo happy you girlies are up for it!!! Can´t wait to see your chairs!
    mermaid: Haha, change of plans :)

  6. I like your challenge. I´m on and I hope my friends are!

  7. Så søt stol! jeg har laget min egen variant og lagt ut på bloggen min, men er alt for blyg til å delta i kåringen. Tusen takk for tipset, det blir nok flere champagnestoler hjemme hos meg i fremtiden.
    Godt nytt år! :-)

  8. It's a shame I only found this post after all the holiday parties and the corks have all been thrown away :o(
    Love your clever idea!

  9. Mejlade dig bilden men länkar dit här också
    Det blir spännande att se utställningen!

  10. woop woop! Love the challenge AND your beautiful blog! Sweet, cool and lots of inspiration.
    Im definitely a follower from now!

    greetings from Oslo, Med et lekent sinn

  11. Wow, this is no easy challenge. Looking forward to the results.

  12. Gott nytt år / Happy New Year! Welcome to all new readers. I have recieved a few great chairs allready, so just keep them coming!

  13. Hello, Hipsu link you will find a chair. ♥