21 december 2010

Winter Wonderland - Kids Christmas Exhibition

On the shortest day of the year, when the snow covers the world and the stars twinkle in the sky you can hear quiet sound. It is all the creatures of Winter celebrating the return of the light. If you go out that night and quietly wait, you can even see them moving around the forest. There will be elfs, angels, imps and even mother earth herself. Let's follow them and see what they are up to.

A big Thank You to all the contributors making this a fantastic Celebration! I am happy and proud to present to you all funny, beautiful, mad creatures from all over the world! So amazing that we can come together likethis eventhough we live in Denmark, Dubai, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and the UK!

I will leave you to it, wishing you all a Merry Christmas, as we will today be travelling up north to see Santa Clause. See you back in January!

Once upon a time there was the old elf couple of Grandpa and Grandma Christmas. They were attending the big winter solstice party and dressed in their best. They had gifts for everybody, but just as they were leaving Granpa noticed that the gifts were missing. The undercover elf Tonttu Torvinen had secretly took them! He got cought and told that he had just wanted to have some extra for himself. Grandma said that he could just have asked and that would have been fine.

by Aura 8 years, fieldtraps

Tonttu Torvinen

by Nuno 1,5years, fieldtraps

Reindeer and Father Christmas

by Annabel 5 years, mermaidscreations

A family called "the Gargles" heading for the beach.

by se7en, se7en

A magical elf, with a bag full of gifts for Christmas eve.

by A 4,5 years old, lilla a

A pirate- elf at a first moment, with a beard

by Niki, 4 years, plavonebozutikamen

A fairy with a wings

by Beti, 5 and a half years, plavonebozutikamen

The colourful reindeer is a bit piggy and she likes to eat paint.

by N, age 9, hurlum

The dalmatian reindeer is strictly vegan.

by S, age 8, hurlum

This is Superfee. She is an angel who usually lives in heaven, but sometimes she comes to earth to help little kids. She has one magical power: her scarf can transform into glasses. The glasses help her find the kids. She gives them toys, books, and shoes.

by Fé 3 years, schlitzohren

Two Angels and a King.
We thought about three angels but at the end one of them is king. Now we are going to make more of them to make all persons from the Nativity.

by 9, 7, 5, 3 years old boys

This creature is ice mermaid and her name is Lilli. She is wearing now her wedding dress and she is going to marry tomorrow a fish called Boni.

by Maippu 4,5 years, siksaksis

Unfortunately a witch has come along - she is very firm and sour. She loves winter time as the snow makes everything so quiet. But she gets upset every time the snow makes her curley hair collapse. The only thing that can make her happy is...peppermint filled chocolate - so that's what she eats..

by Olivias 12 and her mom 40, tanketallerken

Meet the Winter Fairy Princess Ice.

by F 5,5 years, forskollarare


by Alicia 4 years old, bawimy-sie

A snow creature from Poland " Śniegolud" is arriving.
He stands close to the window and takes care of the snow outside, for not to get melted too fast :)

by Hania age almost 4 and her mum (a little bit older)

A Little flower lady

by Lidia 2 years old, bubaseski

The Red Riding Hood Gnome

by Kuba age 4, bubaseski

Here is mother earth - Gaia. She is wearing a dress of flowers. She has lovely pink hair, it’s a shame it doesn’t show up too well.

by Lilli aged 6, foundationteacherindubai

"Muumi", a moomin. Hat was very important detail while making the creature.

by Katarina, 21 months, with the help of her mother, paperiliitin

This is a "Tomtenissa" called Nissan. She has the magic power to make all your dreams come true (we are talking chrismas gifts). Nissan lives in a castel, in the highest mountain in the North Pole.

by Naia. 6 years old, ianyckelpiga

This is Emil, the imp. He is a christmas creature, sleeping the whole year in his treehut until he wakes up the first december. Then he walks through the winterly forest, looking kindly at every animal and plant ... he shows the fox where to eat and covers the flowers with snow. In the longest winter night he is sitting on his tree, watching the twinkling stars. At the end of december he lays down in his hut again, sleeping and dreaming of slightly falling snowflakes and shiny northern lights ... until next christmas is coming.

by Rasmus, 8 years old, lingonsmak

This is Filliochus, he likes to ski in the mountains and dring hot chocolate in a warm cabin.

by Linus Elias 4,5 years old, kine-marie

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  1. All beautiful! "Śniegolud" wins my <3 and I just ADORE the vegan dalmatian reindeer :-)

  2. so many beautiful ideas!! wonderful!!

  3. Die sind alle sooo süß geworden ! Wir haben am Wochenende auch kleine Engelchen gebastelt ! Das hat einen riesen Spaß gemacht !
    LG Sandra

  4. Impresionante!!
    Sá kul att fá alla dessa figurer frán sá mánga olika länder.
    Härliga barn och fina Du som kommer pá sá mánga bra idéer.
    Vi önskar er en riktigt fin jul och ett gott nytt ár.
    Hoppas pá nya áventyr násta ár.
    Kramar frán ett regnigt Spanien.
    Naia och Maria

  5. Haha störtsköna. Särskilt renarna, de gav mig dagens inombordsskratt!!

  6. ganske enkelt genialt ♥ hvor er det bare gennemført! Go' jul...

  7. This Wonderland is so WONDERFUL!
    Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family!

  8. Oh how beautiful this is, like a real fairytale!
    I'm so glad that our creatures are part of such a interesting, wonderful company! I'll leave them to enjoy.

  9. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnniiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-she wanted to thank You for the great exhibition and for that we could take part in it :)
    it was so nice for her to find Śniegolud in such a Wonderful Wonderland :)
    He looks so mystic from the background;)
    All the best for Christmas time!

  10. Your exhibitions are simply wonderful... totally lovely, wonderfully creative kids from all over the world - working on the same project and everyone's work is so unique and beautiful!!! Fantastic, thank-you for your hard work!!!

  11. Bravo !
    I wish you a mervellous and magic christmas !

  12. Thank you everybody! I am so happy you enjoyed it.

  13. My mouth is open the whole time I'm reading this..OH, it is TOO Wonderful!!! My heart is Full of this magic!!!