30 september 2010

The Galaxy Adventures Exhibition

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Wow, we got so many great planets for our new Galaxy! They came from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Poland, South Africa, Sweden and UK. Kids and moms have had a good time smooshing with papier mache and paint, telling fantastic stories about their new planets and the inhabitants. Thank you to everyone for creating this fantastic Galaxy! Here is how it goes:

Once upon a time very far from here, a new galaxy was discovered. A galaxy full of wonderful life, mystic creatures, variuos species, great planets and stars. So amazing, that you have come and see it for yourself. So lets take a ride together into the big unknown, and visit a new world.

Pike uta
Basla-baba named barbababa-creature lives there. There is also fish, birds and cars. The fish and the birds fly high, high above the ground.

by Katarina, 18 months old, paperiliitin

Planet Volcano
Once upon a time there was volcano. It spit out a huge clumb tha
t rocketed into to space.
On the way it was hit by thousands of rocks and they made crate
rs and such and it became a planet. Then some bacteria noticed the planet and took over it. They were green big bacteria and there were thousands of them. They were cone-shaped and they only had one eye. They made a spaceship and named it Speedy. They went to holidays on that.

by Aura, 8 years old and assistant Nuno, 1 year old,

Planet of Joda
Here lives Joda, there is a city, a rocket, stars and a crocodile.

by A 4,5 years, lilla a

Rymden 5
On one side of the planet, Rymden 5, lies a beach with alot of shells. The elephants are on their way to the beach.

by E. 5,5 years old

On the planet, "Pnadonk" lives Plaplurers. The Plaplurers pretend they are spiders.

by A. 2,5 years

Alicjus is a small lovely and hot planet, full of light and sparkles. There live crazy colorful dogs, that like spending time on running together ;)

by Alicja 3,5 years old, bawimy-sie

Planet Jakob
“This is planet Jakob. It is a volcano planet. It has a volcano on top that has a face, on one side it is normal and if you turn it, it is a scary face with frowning eyebrows (scary face seen on the picture). The volcano has glowing lava rocks inside (but you can’t see them ‘cause they are tucked inside). The planet also makes a scary sound (it was meant to be a huffing sound but we made do with some rice inside the planet, like a maraca). The only one living on the planet is the dragon “Joel” who lives in the volcano. When the volcano was angry it spat out the three rocks. The circle on the side is a sun, but it has no beams and it glows in the dark if you turn the light off in the bathroom. I like the planet ‘cause the colours look very pretty.”

by Jakob 3,5 yeras old,

In the STARWARS-films, deathstar is a spaceship, but Rasmus made it a planet. It's a place for the dark force and home of Darth Vader. Everything is black, no fun to be there ... at the moment they fight against Yoda ... may the force be with him :)

by Rasmus, 7 (nearly 8) years old, lingonsmak

Planet of the green one´s
by Greta and Amelie 7 years old, Julius 3 years old and Melanie 37 years old, M.Garanin

Star Wars Planet
On the planet lives Darth Vader eventhough you cannot see him. He shares the planet with some angels and a snowman.

by Elias 4 years old, Onni on

The Planet of Stars
On the planet lives some animals, 3 Santa Clauses and an angel.

by Joonatan 7 years old, Onni on

Planet Sienna

The only little people who live there are Mees and Sienna and they schmink (make up) all day and never go to bed…

by Mees 4 years old, Tolliez

By the time when the planet was born there was a meteor storm. Meteorites made a sea. It's very hot planet and there are also volcanos. It's far away. The inhabitants of the planet are millipedes with poisonous spots.

by Rilli 4, lapset nukkuu

Planet Earth
The inhabitants of the planet are the space princess and a fish. This is very hot and colorful planet . There is some volcanos and a sea.

by Veina 2, lapset nukkuu

The Planet Red
The Planet Red is inhabited by the Silly Red Creatures who have five legs and four eyes. They like to eat spaghetti and drink mosquito drink.

by Tristan, 3 years 7 months old, Lintsi

The Blue Star Planet
On the blue Star Planet there are the Star People. They have got blue hair and red eyes. They like to play with penguines.

by E, 1 year 11 months, with lots of help from T and mom,

Alien Princess Planet
It is a beautiful place for the Alien Princesses with lovely Feather Beaches and Pearl Islands. Alien Princesses` favourite activities are jumping, skipping, dancing and going to the beach.

by Annabel 5 years old, Mermaidscreations

Pinky Planet
On Pinky planet you find little pink snails with curly eyes and purple shell. With them lives 20 Smurf girls an a moscito named Bjørn (Bear)

by Olivia 12 years old

Newspaper Planet
The Inhabitants of Newspaper Planet are: Seahorses, fish, bears and one dead fish in the sky (you can maybe see it in the cloud)

by Rosa 10 years old

Color comet
Color comet got it's colors 12562 years ago, when it collided with a rainbow near the Pinky Planet - it has never the old self since then..

by Stine, mom (old)

The Earth 3010
Its the survival of the fittest, but also a peaceful place.
A reminder of the global warming.

by Maria 32 years old, lykke og liv

Here you can dance all day and not get tired. In the little red house lives a little sweet man called Laurits. He will together with his pink muhmuhs sing for you.

by Laurits 3 years old, lykke og liv

It has rivers and mountains and is a fantastic holiday spot. You are welcome everyday and its easy to land with your spaceship.
But remember not to throw trash around or the big red "trold", who lives in the little blue house will come a teach you how to take care of the planet.

by Sophus 5 years old, lykke og liv

Far away in the distant galaxy of Furango two aliens were exploring. They went through the galaxy looking at all sorts of planets, inhabited by bizarre and strange species. They landed on one of the many many planets and emerged from their ship. They explored for years and years but all they could find was huge zonkoid blossoms. As they were returning to their ship they heard a huge whirr, whirr, whirr... The inhabitants of the planet started to scatter screaming: "The Creltids are coming, the Creltids are coming." Huge butterfly like creatures, bigger than you have ever seen before descended and began to eat the zonkoid blossoms. Eventually they left, leaving only a few tattered blossoms in their wake. Getting back to the two aliens, after many years of careful exploration, they decided Furango would be a good place to settle. They built a farm and harvested their own zonkoid blossoms. They were happy, but they always had to watch out for Creltids. The End.

by se7en, ages 1-13, se7en

26 september 2010

Ännu en lektavla

A ville göra en lektavla, dvs ett collage med rörliga delar som vi gjort tidigare här och här. Så i väntan på den stora Galaxy Adventures utställningen, så gjorde vi en rymd bild, A kallar den Star Wars, och om man har fantasi till det så liknar det visst lite. Visst?!

Another play-collage with moving parts, as we also did here and here. Waiting for the Galaxy Adventures Exhibition we made a space picture. A calls it Star Wars, and if you have enough imagination you actually can see that. Right?!

24 september 2010

Halsband av rönnbär

Vi plockade rönnbär, och trädde dem på en tråd, det blev ett halsband. Sen har de torkat i flera veckor, och nu var de äntligen så hårda och skruttiga att de kunde träs runt halsen.

We picked rowan berries and made a necklace. They dried for weeks until they were all hard and shriveled.

Last call for entries

Remember to join our Galaxy Adventures Exhibition for all kids! Deadline is Monday 27th of September. Read more about how to enter here.
And get some wonderful inspiration here, here, here and here! A sneak peak from some of the contributors!

20 september 2010

Happy monday - binocular

Det regnar och A är förkyld. Så vi piggade upp oss med en kikare av toalettpappers rullar och tejp. För visst blir världen ibland vackrare av att ses igenom färgat glas (plast)?

It is raining and A has caught a cold. We bringhtened our day with a binocular of toiletrolls and tape. Does not the world look a bit happier through some coloured glass (plastic)?

19 september 2010

Monotryck med kakelplatta

Jag har länge velat göra monotryck med A, men inte haft någon bra platta att måla på. Hos Let the children play fick jag tipset att måla på en kakelplatta, och det hade vi faktiskt en hel låda av uppe på vinden! A strök färg på plattan, vi använde akrylfärg, och så kunde hon rita direkt i färgen med änden på penseln eller direkt med fingret. Jag hjälpte med att lägga pappret ovanpå plattan, och så strök vi lätt med handen över, och lyfte försiktigt upp pappret igen. Man kan fortsätta att måla vidare på plattan igen, eller tvätta av den mellan varven.
Jättefina tryck, ser proffsiga ut med den vita kanten runt, det är bara att signera och sälja dyrt på galleri!

I got the good tip to use a tile for mono prints from Let the children play. We actually had a case of plain white tiles on the attic! A used acrylic paint and painted the tile before drawing with a stick or finger in the paint. We pressed the paper against the tile, and stroke gently over it before lifting it up again. You can continue painting straight on the tile again, or clean it after each time.
I like the look of them, looks real proffessional, now we just have to sign them and sell them at the gallery!

17 september 2010

Nothing to do this weekend?

Make a superduper awsome planet with your kids and participate in our exhibition! Read more about it here.

16 september 2010

Trähus till tågbanan

Vi sågade, slipade, målade och ritade, och hade så en stad till tågbanan! Träklossar, hobbylack och permanent tusch.

A city for the train set! Wooden blocks, craft paint and permanent marker.

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