26 november 2011

Advent Calendar coming up

I have made an Advent Calendar for the blog, with 24 kids crafts, one for every day in Advent. First craft will be published here 1th of December. But for you who cant wait for 24 days to get the collection of all crafts, you can purchase the whole pack of cards in my Etsy shop here.

An inspirational pack of 24 Advents Cards, with 1 craft per card/day in Advent. Now you and your kids can have fun every day, and get all the Christmas Decorations done! Easy, affordable and beautiful Christmas Crafts suitable for children from 2-6 years. Every Craft card comes with a short description, list of supplies needed, approximate time it takes and a age suggestion. All Crafts are based on nature founds, kitchen supplies, recycled items, paint and glue. The crafts are fast to make, and most of them can be made by the kid without much help from an adult, of course with restrictions regarding the use of sharp knifes, boiling water!

3 kommentarer:

  1. loistava idea noi kortit. itse joulukalenteri myös!

  2. Kivakiva! Tervetuloa seuraamaan myös meidän joulukalenteriamme siksaksis.blogspot.com !